Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jennifer Love Hewitt Petition - First Set of Signatures

It's a banner day in this great and noble cause. You kind readers have graced me with dozens...nay...scores...no...I guess dozens of e-mails showing support for my groundbreaking petition. For those of you not in the know, here is the petition to which I refer. I am just one concerned fan calling out into the deafening silence that lies in the unchearted chasm of Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage. I hope you can hear me, Ms. Hewitt. I hope you can hear me.

And now for the first round of signatures. I will continue to update as necessary. Also, please stay tuned as there will be some dramatic additions to this burgeoning petition process.

1. Mel Hall
2. Candy Maldonado
3. Johnny Briggs
4. Chuck Hinton
5. Willie Crawford
6. Carney Lansford
7. Irv Noren
8. Terrence Long
9. Dick Williams
10. Cito Gaston




Blogger Cristian said...

What are the former manager of the Toronto Blue Jays and a former player of the Blue Jays doing on this petition?

6:58 PM  

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