Friday, February 03, 2006

An E-mail From Nicole Richie to Lindsay Lohan

Hi L-Dawg!

Just wanted to check in and see how much you threw up today. I threw up 5 times!!! This is totally going to be a great day. Like, the last time I threw up 5 times before lunch I ended up meeting the cutest boy later that night. So hot. And I lost 3 pounds by the next day! I looked amazing. Okay...gtg. TTYL, hun.


P.S. I heard about the teacup thing. Hope you're feeling better, but what were you doing in Bryan Adams house? LOL!!! Like, he's even lamer than my dad. ROTFL!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

eating disorders are real desieses, not something to make fun of! This is awful and not in the least bit funny. It's just sick.

9:12 PM  

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