Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Fan Letter From Jessica Alba to Major Dad

Dear Major Dad,

Oh how I miss thee. It's been over ten years since you left the airwaves, and the void in my heart has never been filled. Oh, sweet Major Dad, you kept me in stitches for 96 amazing episodes! Being a man of discipline, no wonder you had such a hard time raising three girls. I know how it feels to have a hard time with things. I have a hard time with speaking roles in movies. But whenever I face a tough acting challenge, like in Idle Hands, I just picture you and those crazy teenage daughters, and I "soldier" on. Tee hee.

Oh, sweet Major Dad, TV today just isn't the same without you. Crap shows like King of Queens or Dark Angel don't hold a candle to you and your show. I know there never will be another theme song quite like yours. Brilliance is very rarely repeated. Although in your case it was repeated for 96 episodes, my sweet Major Dad.

Oh, sweet Major Dad, I've babbled on long enough. Hopefully when you get this you can drop me a quick note. I'm staying at some hotel in L.A., but if I'm not there, I'm probably stretching on a nearby beach in a skimpy and wet bikini. Just look for the paparazzi and I'm sure you'll soon find me. I'd love to meet up for coffee one day and talk about Delta Burke and mustaches. Mmmmm....I just love a man with a mustache. You can be my "drill" sergeant any day. Tee hee.

With Love, My Sweet Major Dad
Jessica Alba

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