Thursday, February 23, 2006

K-Fed Hits On Jessica Simpson; Simpson Says One Gold Digger Husband Enough

Source (MSNBC)

Los Angeles, CA (ABSP) - Associated BS Press

White trash hanger-on, Kevin Federline is making news once again as he reportedly hit on Jessica Simpson at a recent party at L.A. club Privilege. Federline, best known for nothing, "made a beeline" for the chicken-of-the-sea-eating blonde immediately after spotting her. Simpson allegedly asked him to sit down and the chemistry was palpable. So was the stupidity. Sources indicate that the stupidity meter was off the charts, with people as far away as 50 feet reporting a loss of IQ and/or total brainpower. Simpson is currently going through a rough divorce with former no-hit wonder Nick Latch-on (pronounced Lash-ay). The busty, horse-toothed reality star is said to be "disgusted" with Nick for filing for spousal support. Sources claim she said that "K-Fed is not like Nick at all. Like, he's a rapper." No word from Britney Spears, but people close to the already-has-been star claim she doesn't really care what K-Fed does. "Vicadin is a wonderful thing for that," her publicist said.

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