Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Letter From Katie Holmes to Dr. John Carter

Dear Dr. Carter,

Sorry to bother you, as I know you're a busy doctor and all that, but I have a medical question for you. You see, I've been involved (in a carnal fashion) with Tom Cruise for a little while now, and I'm starting to wonder about him. At first his behavior seemed like playful exuberance, but now it's bordering on insane. Like, Margot-Kidder-eat-your-own-hair type of crazy.

I guess, my question crazy contagious? I learned from James Van Der Beek that Herpes is, but is crazy also contagious? I figured a smart doctor like you would know.

Okay...get back to me when you can. I'll be at the Creek or in Clearwater Beach.

Best Regards,
Katie Holmes

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