Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Message from the Pudding Club to John Goodman

Dear Mr. Goodman,

On behalf of my fellow members in the UK's world famous Pudding Club, I would like to welcome you as an honorary member. For years you have generously supported our cause, both financially and with your public displays of pudding-eating zeal. Initially, as a token of our thanks we named our main conference room after you. But that proved to be insufficient. We decided that it was time to offer you our greatest honor: lifetime membership and an honorary PhD in Pudding. From now on we shall call you Dr. John Goodman. The honor is all ours.

It's a been a wonderful 21 years of existence, and with you in our rank and file, we look forward to another magical, pudding-filled 21 years. One day perhaps you will grace our presence at the Three Ways House Hotel. Until then...pudding now and pudding forever!

Best Regards
Damian Sinclair, President Pudding Club

Original JLH petition


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