Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pamela Anderson to Boycott Kentucky Derby: Says Only She Should be Ridden That Hard

Source article: Here

Frankfort, Kentucky (ABSP) - Associated BS Press

Pamela Anderson, well known celebrity pokebag, PETA member, and star of the laughless Stacked is refusing to attend the world's most famous horse race on a matter of principle. Ms. Anderson, well known for being penetrated by various rock stars and Scott Baio, claims that she is boycotting the race due to its sponsorship deal with the parent company, Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, sources close to the "actress" reveal that her true motivation is jealousy. As the resident Hollywood "pass-around" girl, she feels jealous of how long and hard the horses at the Derby routinely are ridden. She feels the horses are showing her up, and she's willing to boycott the event to show her anger. A Churchill Downs spokesman expressed regret that Ms. Anderson will not be coming back to the big race because she allows him to touch her like Scott Baio used too, which is to say, quite inappropriately. When reached for comment, a KFC spokesman said, "We certainly do not agree with Ms. Anderson's position. I think you'll see that she has proven to be a very poor judge of character in the past. I mean...Scott Baio. Come on."

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