Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Paris Hilton to Make New Sex Tape With A Sex Tape

Los Angeles, California (ABSP) - Associated BS Press

Tired of releasing sex tapes with both men and women, Paris Hilton has decided to release a new sex tape featuring her having relations with...a sex tape. Ms. Hilton is the reigning queen of the industry, having recently overtaken Pamela Anderson. Ms. Anderson had been the frontrunner for many years, as she was the only hot celebrity known to have made two tapes (Vince Neil and Tommy Lee). Nevertheless, Ms. Hilton's dalliance with both sexes, including a Playboy Playmate, has allowed her to overtake Ms. Anderson in a recent poll of horny nerds in chat forums. Tom Sizemore came in dead last in the same poll.

According to Ms. Hilton, the new sex tape with the sex tape is reportedly "so hot." There's lots of hot girl-on-vhs action, with a little girl-on-betamax action thrown in for good measure. The tape has yet to leak to the net, but sources indicate that it could surface soon from a member of the sex tape's posse (the VCR has threatened in the past.) No word yet on further sex tapes, although Ms. Hilton has indicated a dislike for DVDs, claiming they're "too hard to spell."

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