Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Taking a Quick Break from Jennifer Love Hewitt...

Lindsay Lohan Injured by Shattered Teacup at Bryan Adams' House

In a stunning event, Bryan Adams' name was mentioned in connection with an actual celebrity this decade. Celebrity eating disorder expert Lindsay Lohan fell in Mr. Adams' house, shattering a ceramic teacup and cutting her shin. Lohan was practicing her new diet, whereby she not only avoids food, but destroys all objects in which food can be contained. Her mother reported that she was preparing a breakfast of "eggs and everything," with everything, of course, being a reference to bulimia. Ms. Lohan fell once she realized that she was standing in Bryan Adams' house. Understanding what that meant for the state of her career, she recoiled in horror and tumbled down the stairs. Lohan is reportedly doing fine, but will be in therapy for the next 10 years trying to remove that damn "Everything I Do, I Do it For You" song out of her head. No comment from Adams, who was off doing something inconsequential...again.

Check it out!

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