Sunday, February 12, 2006

Vice President Dick Cheney: Democrats Weak On Cheney-Related Terror

My Fellow Americans,

Grrrrrr! Today you saw the first signs of our what our country could become like if Democrats are allowed to win any elections in November. See my wrath! Witness my fury! Grrrrrr! Today's victim may live to see another day, but he is a lucky one. Others will not be so lucky. Republicans have kept me at bay for five years, but now that the Democrats have gained a little bit of momentum, my terror has been unleashed. Fear me, America, and blame the Democrats. I snarl in your general direction.

Now, excuse me as I go sign a petition.

Dick Cheney

P.S. The warnings were there, you just chose to ignore them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheney's Texas ranch shoot out: Unfortunate mishap or lover's spat gone too far? It is the year of gay cowboys after all...

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Mary Poppins said...

I think it was sparked cos Cheney didn't like the gift the lawyer gave him - a bowtie from cincinnati.

10:34 AM  

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