Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush Says U.S. Not In Debt; Cites Malaysian Man's Phone Bill As Proof

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Washington D.C. (ABSP) - Associated BS Press

Lashing out at critics who have assailed his recent signing of a bill to raise the government's debt limit, President Bush once again touted the strength of the U.S. Economy. This time, the proof came in the form of a Malaysian man's phone bill. Mr. Bush pointed to the phone bill, which came in at a cool 218 trillion dollars, as proof that the U.S. debt really isn't so high. At a recent speaking engagement he said, "Some folks will have you believe that an 8 trillion dollar debt is a bad thing. But how bad can it be when a phone bill is 27 times larger? I think our administration is doing a heckuva a job with the economy." Mr. Bush's brazen comparison shocked the audience, but what followed was even more shocking. To prove how strong the economy really is, Mr. Bush proceeded to light a cigar with a 100 dollar bill, wipe his buttocks with another, and then rolled up a third Benjamin and approached Condoleeza Rice's crotch before being hastily escorted offstage.

No word on how the Malaysian man intends to pay for his bill, but regardless he has decided to increase his cell phone night and weekend minutes so this will not happen again.

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