Thursday, April 27, 2006

Washed-Up Old Hag to Pose For Playboy Many Years Too Late

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Los Angeles, CA (ABSP) - Associated BS Press

Cindy Margolis, the self-proclaimed “Most Downloaded Woman” on the Internet, has finally decided to pose for Playboy. The hyper-tanned model had turned down Hef many times in the past, but finally agreed to bare all after turning 40.

“In the past it would have been for gratuitous reasons,” she said. "Now it'll still be for gratuitous reasons, but I'm older." She later added, "“It will be fun to go up against the 20-year-olds and show them that they don’t have anything on me. Well...maybe a better looking naked body, but that's it. Okay, maybe a less sinister smile, but that's it, I promise!"

Margolis has made headlines in recent years for her struggles with infertility. Unfortunately she never met K-Fed, as he could have easily solved that problem. Thankfully, in 2002, she gave birth to son Nicholas after a high-risk pregnancy, and is the spokeswoman for Resolve: The National Infertility Association. Her other credits are diverse and varied, from a lingerie model to a bikini model to a lingerie-looking bikini model.

No word yet from Jennifer Love Hewitt; however, sources indicate that she is not planning a retaliatory pose...even though she should.

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Blogger bobgirrl said...

I'd like to say something about this but seeing as I've already gotten "comment of the month" I'm not sure it's appropriate. However, I will offer a little wisdom: ladies, if you are going to get a boob job, please note that a boob should never under any circumstances be larger than your head.

1:33 AM  

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