Monday, May 29, 2006

Can You Leg Press My Boobs, Pat?

Dear Pat,

Heard about the whole leg press thing. Quite impressive for an old geezer like you. I mean, not impressive enough for me to sleep with you. That's the other Playmate of the Year. But still impressive.

So I've got a real challenge for you. You think you have enough strength to leg press my giant melons? Look at them. They're bigger than Nicole Richie. Not her boobs...her entire body. They've blocked the sun on various occasions causing drought and famine in third world countries. Think you have enough strength to press them? I doubt it. But it's up to you to show me, baby. Time for you to man up and leg press my Playmate of the Year boobs. Any time. I'll be waiting for you.

Victoria Silvstedt


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