Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael J. Fox Shakes Finger, Whole Body In Anger At Rush Limbaugh

Dear Rush,

I'm shaking with anger now. Just shaking all over the place. Shaking like an epileptic during a Mary Hart telethon. Shaking like A-Rod during a big game moment. Shaking like, well, like me. How could you accuse me of faking my ailment for the sake of politics? You sir, are a horrible man. I shake because I am sick, and I'm sick because I shake. There is no act. I don't go home and build semiconductors and conduct heart surgery. I go home and mix martinis for James bond. To mock what I suffer from is just plain petty. And pathetic. And putrid. And plain mean. You should be ashamed.

Some things in life are just sacred, you know? My disease is one of those things. You know what's not? Your mom's vagina. Yeah, I just took it there. I can shake it, but can you take it? If you're enough of a man (I heard about those Viagra pills), maybe you'd be willing to settle this mano-a-mano. Just you, me, and Tina Yothers behind the schoolyard after 3. We're gonna make you pay, bitch.

Hatingly Yours,
Michael J. Fox


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Blogger Norma said...

I love Michael J. Fox

6:35 PM  

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