Sunday, October 15, 2006

Steve Lyons: Don't Beieve That Lying Mexican, I'm Not Racist

Dear Baseball Fans,

Lou Pinella is an asshole. I say one little comment on the air about him being a dirty Mexican who only wants to steal my wallet and he completely flips out. I'm not surprised, because, I mean, he has Mexican heritage and all. But come on. Can't you take a little joke?

When I was a player, my nickname was Psycho. What was your nickname, Lou? Was it "The Overreacting Mexican Heritage Guy?" Sure, that's a bit of a mouthful but it's true. Or maybe it was Lou Pinella - Big Time Douchebag. Either way, it's an apt description.

Look, I don't claim to a tolerant person. I've started more than a few race riots and I once killed a Panamanian farmer for looking at me the wrong way. But my comments on the air the other day? Gee whiz, they were harmless. I'm sorry that you got your Mexican heritage panties all in a bunch because of them, but they were innocent. And now I'm out of the job. Thanks, Lou. Or maybe I should say, Grassy-ass. Or you gonna get me fired for that too?


-Steve Lyons


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