Friday, January 26, 2007

Advice For Paris Hilton From a 1980's Movie Japanese Tourist

Konichiwa Paris Hilton!

Many best wishes on your new exposure. Hi five, man! In Japan we are very big fan of your first sex tape with the guy with the big south of the border thing. He was a cool dude, man. You are great celebrity and we do the dirty, disrespectful thing to ourselves many times to you. Very much like a typical American! We are cool Joe Americans!

As you learn from many 1980s movies, we Japanese love to take pictures and videos. You are like the Japanese, only we stay clothed and do not snort as much of the illegal drugs. Cowabunga! Where's the beef? But these new dirty movies with the sex show your love for the camera. You are honorary Japanese tourist! If you had slightest bit of acting talent, you could play one on the tv screen. Big Mac and fries please! Right on!

Please, keep making more movies and not paying for storage so we Japanese can continue to enjoy your movie making ability. Big fans of you we are. Go America!! Coke is it!

Best Regards,
1980s Movie Japanese Tourist


Original Jennifer Love Hewitt petition

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