Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Message From Jamie Lynn Spears to Britney Spears: I'm More White Trash Than You!

Hey Sis,

Guess what...I'm preggars! That's right, Britney, as a 16-year-old pregnant with my boyfriend's child, I officially become the White Trash champion of the family. Woooo hooo!!! Praise the Lord and pass the chicken wings! You kept stealin' all the family attention with your pregnancies and trashy behavior. Well that didn't sit right with me, sis. You can bet your fried grits it didn't. But now I take the family crown with my teenage unwed pregnancy. There ain't no beatin' this one.

You'd think with a hit show like Zoey 101, I wouldn't need to go and get myself preggars. But when do White Trash ever do anythin' that made sense? Exactly! That's why and I had to go and get myself knocked up. It was the only way I could show the world that I had true White Trash bonafides. I am the White Trash champion! I mean, what can be more White Trash than getting knocked up at 16? Nothin'. That's why I declare myself champion of the family.

See you at my shotgun wedding. Remember, Brit, no drinking. Ha ha...just kiddin'! That wouldn't be very White Trash of me to say that, now would it! Drink all you want. I know I will!

Jamie Lynn Spears


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Remember these girls are working for tips and tips alone. Let me hear you make some noooooooissse for your featured entertainer tonight--voted the best buns in Oakview Court Mobile Home Park for three years running: Gentleman please welcome Miss Jamie Lynnnnnnn!!!"

Kurt and Randy
EntertainmentTime, LLC.

2:16 PM  

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